Zero DC was founded in April of 2000 as a family company. Dagmar Nesnerova is the principal owner, and has extensive sprint racing experience in world class championship races both in dryland and on snow.

She has taken her experience, and used it to design a wide range of canine sports and pet equipment. She has also worked with other mushers who are well recognized in their respective disciplines, to create harnesses and other equipment, so as to improve quality, increase comfort for the dogs, and capitalize on efficiency.

Zero DC maintains a full product line for pets, both dogs and cats. They developed a flyball harness, which is used by the Czech National Team, and has had much success. Whether it be collars, leashes, dog coats, harnesses, or other items they make, they are always in pursuit of perfecting each product to make it the most useful, and the most attractive equipment on the market. Zero DC is based in Dečin, Czech Republic, and has had a lot of success selling within the local area.

Recently Zero DC has launched an international presence, and is selling in Russia, France, Australia, Japan, Norway, the UK and in the USA, and continuing to grow both its reputation as a manufacturer of high quality products, as well as its focus on service and customer satisfaction.