Safety reflective vest for dogs

Safety reflective vest for dogs
A practical safety vest for dogs is an important and useful accessory for outdoor activities or just walking with your dog. Hunting and working dogs will also appreciate the vest. The vest increases visibility thanks to fluorescent colors and reflective stitching around the perimeter of the entire product (reflects light perfectly), which contributes to greater safety, especially in the dark and in bad weather. The fabric of the vest is waterproof, so it can also be used as a raincoat and it is also windproof. The lining consists of a soft fabric that is good for the dog's fur and skin. There is a sewn-in eyelet on the back, where you can attach both a tracking guide and, for example, a light or a GPS device.
The whole product is very light and soft, it can be folded into a small package that will not take up any space in your bag, it can easily fit in your pocket.

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  • Easy to put on and take off: can be opened to the right or left, no need to lift the dog's paws when putting on
  • Two plastic buckles on the chest are sewn into the inside of the vest in such a way as to eliminate the possibility of catching or opening behind vegetation as much as possible
  • Easy to maintain and quick drying
  • Available in multiple sizes: suitable for small, medium and large dogs
  • Possible adjustment of the neck size using a string and a brake
  • Color: neon-green, neon-orange
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Coating: 100% waterproof, windproof
  • Fastening: two high-quality plastic buckles (tridents)
  • Maintenance: machine washable at 30°C
  • The silver part is made of reflective material
  • The vest should reach from half to two thirds of the dog's back. You measure these from the withers (level of the front legs) to the base of the tail.


                      Neck disctrict                     Chest district                      Back length

SX                  25 - 34 cm                            36 – 60 cm                            20 cm

SL                  30 - 42 cm                            45 – 75 cm                            23 cm  

S                    32 - 48 cm                            55 – 75 cm                             28 cm

M                   38 – 52 cm                           70 – 90 cm                             33 cm

L                    40 – 60 cm                           75 – 105 cm                           41 cm

XL                  48 – 68 cm                           80 – 115 cm                           47 cm