Leash Anapurna over 10 kg

Leash Anapurna over 10 kg
Unique design and use of a multi-purpose leash with shock absorber. The leash enables easy and comfortable walking for both humans and dogs, it absorbs shocks from the dog caused by pulling or jumping.

1.variant – crossbody – the leash can be worn fastened over the body
2.variant – classic leash – by simply attaching the carabiner, we create a comfortable padded ear from the lined part
3.variant - seat belt - from the padded part, by switching the carabiner, you create a belt that can be adjusted to any waist

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  • The offer includes a variant for dogs up to 10 kg and for dogs over 10 kg in many ROYAL color variants
  • The length of the padded part without the carabiner is approx. 58 cm, the width even with padding is approx. 3.5 cm
  • the length of the fixed leash strap is approx. 138 cm
  • the length of the unstretched shock absorber is approx. 66 cm without the carabiner (approx. 110 cm in the stretched state)
  • when using the leash as a seat, the waist strap is padded for a comfortable fit
  • when the Anapurna is switched to the leash function, the padded part serves as a soft handle
  • in the padded part there is a small ring on which you can hang keys or a container for dog excrement
  • two switching rings threaded through the leash allow you to choose the correct length of the seat or serve to shorten or extend the leash
  • in front of the shock absorber, there is an ear large enough even for a man's hand in front of the carabiner, which is used to hold the dog when it is necessary, e.g. from a safety point of view
  • machine washable at 30°C, do not tumble dry