Harness SHARK

Harness SHARK
PIntroducing "the number one by 3-point harness":
the SHARK harness is intended for OCRC (obstacle races with a dog) or wherever the dog needs to be helped. It is perfectly ergonomic, airy, strong, suitable for any pull, and the best thing at the end - you can adjust the size of the neck, chest circumference and most importantly - the length of the abdominal part, which, unlike other harnesses, is softly padded. This harness is not about compromise - it simply adjusts to the dog's shape. Also, thanks to the three-point system, the dog will not get out of the harness even when backing up suddenly, when it is startled or wants to avoid an obstacle. Thanks to the padded ear on the back, which resembles a shark's fin 😊, the dog can be safely guided into obstacles or lifted in the water when it cannot yet swim perfectly, it is also suitable for dogs in mountainous areas when it is necessary to help them overcome obstacles. More in the photo gallery

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Features of the SHARK harness:

  • Thanks to regulation, one harness includes 4 sizes for larger breeds (24-38 kg - M, L, XL, XXL), 3 sizes for medium breeds (12-24 kg - SL, SB, S,)
  • For size S, there is also the option of fastening at the neck
  • the material is breathable, non-absorbent and quick-drying
  • reflective tapes are used for greater safety of the dog in reduced visibility or darkness
  • mole system with velcro - you can attach a GPS, light or other device to track the dog, it is also possible to "stick" a patch with a name or phone number
  • neck circumference regulation
  • chest girth regulation
  • length adjustment of the abdominal part with a Velcro fastener with a wide elastic band
  • the colored strap handle in the front part of the harness is used when the dog is working facing the handler
  • the fabric of the inner part of the harness is smooth and does not rub the dog
  • the "shark fin" shaped ear is sewn in the direction of the dog so that the dog cannot get caught in the vegetation, there is a velcro on the inside of the ear, if the handler does not need the ear, he can attach it to the dog's back
  • with the help of the ear, it is possible to safely guide the dog in difficult terrain, on an obstacle or in an environment where the dog is not completely sure
  • the harness has rings in the front and back, behind which the dog can be guided - the front half-ring for better control of the dog, the back half-ring can be used to pull the dog
  • the extended part in the chest area is useful when carrying or just picking up the dog
  • the harness can be machine washed at 30°C, do not tumble dry