COLORADO FOX ca 15 28 - 40  UH Small breeds
COLORADO COLOR ca 20 35 - 50   UH, safety ring Medium breeds
COLORADO GIGANT ca 25 40 - 60 UH, safety ring, classic, half-check Large breeds

Switching variants

  • plastic buckle UH - plastic fastening
  • Safety ring - plastic buckle is pushed through the metal ring when closing and thus there is no pressure on the plastic buckle during pulling
  • Classic - has no plastic clips, only metal rings
  • Half-check - pulls to the perimeter of the neck, suitable for lively dogs


  • Adjustment using a plastic clip to adjust the neck circumference
  • very soft and pleasant material in the hands, does not black out the hair
  • machine washable up to 40 ° C
  • do not tumble dry