Bungee leads for a dogs over 10kg

Bungee leads for a dogs over 10kg
The guide is fitted with a suppressor, which alleviates any starting or running dog.
Guides with a shock absorber for dogs over 10 kg have BRONZE carabiner.
Also part of the guides for 2 dogs is a neck junction.
It is used together with a dog harness and a seat or belt.

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Length of guides in maximum load

  • 1,9m
  • 2,7m
  • 2,5m for two dogs


  • dogtrekking 
  • canicross 
  • bikejoring 
  • skijoring 
  • scooter 

Product description:

  • the width of the strap - 25 mm
  • carabines - bronze - 80 mm
  • material - 100% polyester

Bungee lead is made of hollow material in which rubber is built.

  • used material 100% polyester
  • machine washable up to 40 ° C
  • we do not recommend drying in a dryer

Republic, European and World racing regulations not only require the length of the leash (for canicross maximum 2 m) but also the need for only one carabiner from the dog, the other side of the leash must have only an ear. With this we have counted and therefore all guides have already loose ear and carabiners are only strung.