Properly fitting harness Short

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Properly fitting harness Short

A properly fitting harness is best seen from the profile, as shown in the picture. The back part is longer than with other harnesses. The lenght of the back of the harness can reach up to half of the back.


The harness should fit perfectly as in the photo.

The most important is the lenght of the bottom and the free space behind the legs. The lower part of harness should end at the end of the sternum or slightly behind the sternum. The harness should not be directly behind the front legs. It could cause injury.  


Non-fitting Short harness


THE HARNESS IS TOO SHORT - The harness is just behind the front legs. Injuries may occur in the armpits.

THE HARNESS IS TOO LONG - The harness pushes into the abdomen when pulled and this is undesirable.