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Winter dogcoat - ONE COLOR

Winter warm coat with collar is an indispensable complement to winter walks.

The winter warm coat is composed of 3 layers (standard cloth, padding, fleece), which provides insulation and prevents moisture from reaching the skin of the dog.

The advantage is the ease of use - there is velcro around both the neck and the abdomen, and both are secured by an extra plastic buckle. A standard part of the coats are rear leg straps, which makes the coat adhere to the body of the dog better. There is an opening for the tail. Another advantage is that there is a hole in the neck area so that a leash can be attached to the dog collar without removing the coat.

Choose the correct size of coat, based upon the dimensions listed in the table below.

Please not to indicate whether it is a dog or a bitch, and it will be tailored to fit appropriately.

If your dog has a different size, or you´re not sure what size you choose, please note your dogs dimensions in the notes of your order, and we will custom tailor a coat for you or help you select the correct size.

Item price: 22.99,- € incl. VAT

Choose the variant:

Choose the colour:

The coats are machine washable up to 30°C. We do not recommend to tumble dry.

Size chart

Winter dogcoat - ONE COLOR - Winter dogcoats

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