Complaints Procedure

We guarantee you that our virtual shop provides the same conditions for claims as those applicable in any regular brick-and-mortar shop, which are in accordance with the applicable Commercial Code or Civil Code.

For goods ordered and purchased on, we provide a guarantee of 24 months from the date of delivery.

Complaints can be made in writing, by email or in person.

The seller is liable for any hidden defects in the goods sold upon receipt by the buyer, which occur during the warranty period.

The length of the warranty period for all goods purchased through is set at 24 months from the date of receipt by the buyer.

When making a claim, the buyer must prove that the goods claimed originate from the seller. For this purpose, the buyer shall provide the original sales document (invoice or purchase contract) with the goods claimed.

The Seller shall not be liable for defects caused by negligent handling, abuse, improper handling and improper care on the part of the Buyer. The warranty also does not cover defects caused by use in conditions not normal for the type of product and defects caused by the elements.

If the goods are delivered by the carrier with damaged packaging and if the buyer suspects upon receipt that the goods are defective, the buyer shall make a written record of the claim on the spot with the carrier.

When making a claim for a defect in the goods, the seller is obliged to check whether the defect is remediable. If it is an irremovable defect, the seller may replace the goods, provide a discount or refund the full purchase price to the buyer as agreed by both parties.

If it is a removable defect, the seller proceeds as follows:

The seller shall remove the defect at his own expense. The seller shall remove the defect without undue delay and with due diligence, but no later than 4 weeks after receipt of a legitimate complaint. If the item has not yet been used, the buyer may replace the item at his discretion. If only a part of the item is defective, the buyer is entitled to have that part replaced and not the entire item.

The Seller shall replace the defective item, provide a discount or refund the purchase price if the defect occurs again (meaning a second time) on the repaired item or if the item cannot be used properly due to a greater number of defects.

After the expiry of the 24-month warranty period, the Seller's liability for defects in the goods which have not been claimed by the Customer from the Seller within this period shall cease. In the case of a warranty repair, the warranty for the goods shall be extended by the period during which the customer could not properly use the goods as a result of the repair.

Complaints, how to proceed

Please follow the instructions below on this page. You will make our job easier and your claim will be processed much faster:

  •  the goods arrived in damaged packaging. In this case, we recommend that you do not accept the shipment, write a report with the delivery service and immediately inform the online store
  •  the goods arrived safely, but there is an operational defect. If you discover a defect in the goods (even over time), please check whether the goods are under warranty using the purchase receipt and send it with a copy of the purchase receipt to the address of the outlet. We will immediately assess your claim and will do our best to deal with it as quickly as possible.

Description of a correctly sent complaint

Please place the defective goods together with the proof of purchase and a description of the defect in suitable packaging for transport, and indicate your return address in the upper left corner. Please send the shipment prepared in this way by registered mail to our address above. The customer bears the cost of transporting the claim to the premises or to the dispatch and shipping point, as well as the risk and responsibility for damage to the parcel by transport. For this reason, we recommend that you insure the shipment