In the form of gelatin capsules administered a very effective combination of natural milk complex, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals with casein - phosphopeptides (CPP).

The ability of CPP to bind and transport calcium streamlines the absorption and bioavailability of calcium, thus preserving peak bone mass.

Precise dosing thanks to gelatin capsules.

150 capsules


  • Preventive and growth: 1 capsule daily per 10 kg dog weight
  • In the treatment of decalcification, injuries and in older dogs: 2 capsules daily per 10 kg dog weight


  • natural milk calcium complex (50g / 100g), phosphopeptide - CE 90 CPP (50g / 100g), gelatin capsule (100% gelatin)

Store in a dry place at a temperature up to 25 ° C.

Approval number of the veterinary medicinal product: 041-08 / C.

Made in the EU.