Properly fitting harness Faster

Ilustrační obrázek

A properly fitting harness is best seen from the profile, as shown in the picture.

The ideal size of the harness allows free movement of the legs, ends at the sternum and the back of the harness ends at the root of the tail. The end of the harness may be several cm in front of or behind the root of the tail - termination does not affect the function of the harness.

The harness should fit perfectly as in the photo.


Non-fitting Faster harness


The harness is too short - The end of the lower part should be on the sternum, but it can also be 2-3cm behind the sternum. In this photo, there is a harness in the armpit, where it will bother the dog and injuries may occur.


The harness is generally too loose - The harness may move and cause injury to the dog.